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Started by MapleRidgeSmokeR, August 18, 2013, 05:48:38 PM

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Hi there folks I just got the 4 rack digital model as a prize from my work. I plan on doing a 3.5 pound pork shoulder tomorrow. I am confused with the whole cold smoke and oven thing. Do I just use smoke for a few hours then turn the oven part on to finish it ?


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Welcome from Texas, nice job that gives away Bradley's. I would suggest that you do some searches on pulled pork there are some great posts with full instructions on times and temps and how to cook to IT(internal Temp) for different results and about FTC(wrap in Foil, wrap in Towels, put in Cooler). Make sure you season by the instructions and keep the vent open.

You won't be doing a cold smoke on a pork butt, you will run the smoke generator and the oven at the same time, you can read about different methods of finishing in the Bradley or finishing in your oven, wrapping with foil vs. not wrapping. Make sure you put hot water in your bisquette bowl for the smoke and then you can replace it with a 9x13 throw away cake pan of hot water if you are continuing to cook in the Bradley.

Sorry for the stream of conscience post, I've been smoking and working around the house all day. There's a lot of good stuff to read and others with more expertise than me will be along shortly with more advice and info.


OH ok ok. Use both together. Thank you for taking the time.

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Quote from: MapleRidgeSmokeR on August 18, 2013, 06:12:09 PM
OH ok ok. Use both together. Thank you for taking the time.

You're welcome, never hesitate to ask questions. I've gotten on here in the middle of a smoke with a problem and always gotten good help. keep us posted on what method you chose to use and post pictures we love pictures. :)


Welcome from So Cal

This is great advice that many members have given new smokers

first things  first'''

1) season your  smoker with the top vent  wide  open
2) ask  questions
3) visit the  recipe site
4) enjoy your smoking and new friends / family
5) post pictures of the whole process. We love pictures!
6) when u have doubts in anything, ask away!

remember... top  vent open when u cook.
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Hi MapleRidgeSmokeR;

Welcome to the forum.

To add to the previous posts, if you are smoke/cooking a pork shoulder, you set your oven temperature and preheat the Bradley prior to adding the food and beginning to apply your smoke. It is best to preheat much higher then you plan to cook at, because when you open the door to load the food you will loose a lot of heat. For a 3 pound shoulder, I would only apply 2 - 3 hours or pecan or hickory if you have them.




Thank you to all the replies. Im seasoning the smoker now and I will throw in the pork around noon (west coast time).

Thanks again


Welcome to the forum from Nebraska.