My door will NEVER fall of again

Started by love the smoke, September 07, 2013, 12:47:58 PM

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love the smoke

My smoker door fell off in my hand a few days ago so I fixed the problem , this door will NEVER fall off again



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love the smoke

Stainless steel screws #10 x 1/2 inch long


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Very nice fix; the original Bradley vanilla design is poor at best - load up the smoker with lots of meat and eventually the plastic front end will fail.  When using large weight loads, personally I've used shims beneath the front end of the tower to relieve the stress on the plastic legs, which are connected to the plastic frame that holds the door in place. I've been too lazy to incorporate the mods that will relieve the stress.
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  Excellent idea. And the subject line is very well put.
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Great idea! !'m totally gonna steal this.
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plus one got to do that i installed just a bottom hinge cheap replacement that worked


I'm thinking of doing this because it looks very simple. Any tips on drilling into the door and side of the smoke for the screws? My top hinge is broken and while the door still attaches and seals, it is a pain in the rear to open/close the door.

Thanks in advance!

love the smoke

Just go slow and take your time, the metal is very thin and easy to strip out
No pre drilling needed


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Quote from: love the smoke on October 14, 2013, 06:42:12 PM
Just go slow and take your time, the metal is very thin and easy to strip out
No pre drilling needed


Would you say it's to thin for aluminum rivets?


You could use rivets but would want to use aircraft types they stronger the the standard pop rivet.
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