Pucks feed too fast, sometimes...

Started by YourDadIsBroke, October 28, 2013, 10:20:21 AM

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I've had my original smoker for over 4 years.  Recently I've been finding unburned pucks in the puck dish.  This morning I turned it on and 45 minutes later I had 9 pucks in the dish!!  Most were completely unburned, but some were fully burned.  I don't think the button is sticking - otherwise they'd all be unburned.  When I sit there and watch it, it seems fine - no rapid feed of pucks.  But if I walk away and come back, most of the pucks have not been burned.

Any ideas?


I had the same problem, feeding multiple pucks.  Called Bradley.  Told me to replace the micro switch in the SG.  I did.  Works fine now.