(Added pics!) New Smoker Ordered, Questions about Placement and Temperature

Started by longsh0t, November 11, 2013, 01:26:32 PM

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I just ordered a Bradley 6-rack and had a few questions.  From what I've been reading people are using an external thermometer to measure temperatures instead of the built-in one.  Can someone recommend a thermometer I should buy?  What about placement of the probe?

My next question is about the placement of the smoker itself. I was hoping to keep it outside on my deck. Is it safe to place it directly on wood?  What if I wanted it on a table to keep it elevated? Does the bottom of the smoker get hot enough to cause any issues?

Thanks in advance and I can't wait for it to arrive!


Welcome to the Forum!  Many here use the Maverick ET-732 made by Redi Chek.  It is a digital thermometer with two probes.  One is used to monitor the temp in the tower and the other is used to monitor the internal temp of the meat you are cooking.  It comes with a wireless receiver so you can monitor the temps from inside your home. 

The Bradley is absolutely safe to sit directly on wood. If your deck is uncovered I would recommend you purchase a cover for your Bradley to protect it from the elements.  During cold winters you might want to consider bringing in the smoke generator for an hour or so prior to using to warm up.

Hope this helps.



welcome to the forum,,, maverick ET - 732 is a great  model


Can you guys talk about placement of the cabinet temperature probe?  I know there are some very definite schools of thought, but I don't have it solidly in my mind where a cabinet temperature probe should be placed.  When I bought my PID, I got the wall mounted probe and put it through the back wall just below the third rack in my six rack.  But, I'm wondering if that is too close to large chunks of cold meat, such as pork shoulder, to give reliable readings (the probe is less than 1/4 inch below large pieces of meat).  So, I'm thinking of abandoning the wall mounted probe and going with one that I place for each smoke.

So where does the probe go?  Above the meat?  Below the meat?  Along side the meat near the side wall of the smoker cabinet?  None of the above?


Quote from: longsh0t on November 12, 2013, 03:25:26 PM
Thanks all for the tips and answers!  Is this the Maverick ET732 I should get?

That one says special edition, although I'm not sure what the special edition means unless it is the red color.  It mentions long range in the description but the regular ET-732 has plenty of range.  That's the one I use. 

It looks like the special edition red is about $5 more than the special edition black and the regular white ET-732 on Amazon.

As far as the turkeys, I've only smoked one at a time.  I know others have done two at once but I don't know the size.

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Welcome from Texas, I have done two 12 pound turkey's spatchcocked in my 4 rack digital with no problem so I would think the 15 pounders would be no problem. I could put both halves of each turkey on 1 rack so I had them both on just 2 racks in the middle 2 slots.


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Just wanted to share pics from my first smoked turkey!  Did a 24 hour brine with an apple cider base that my wife found then covered it with an olive oil and cajun spice mixture.  Smoked it at 300 degrees for 4 hours to make sure I got it out of the "danger zone" that I kept reading about.

Then I finished it off at 225 degrees until the thigh temp was 175. 

It turned out very well for our first time using the smoker.  Can't wait to use it again!



Looks great!  Nice job.  Hope the one I just put in ends up as good.


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