broken door!!

Started by smokin420, November 26, 2013, 10:48:13 PM

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Hey guys I have a 6 rack and the wind caught the door and completely wrecked the smoker. The puck feeder and digital buttons seem to be working fine. Just wondering if I can purchase a 6 rack smoker without the puck feeder and buttons? Does bradley sell just the cabinet?
Digital 4 rack Bradley smoker
Sam Baere 1.5 hp meat grinder/stuffer
dual prode AUBER PID
circulation fan
lem 5lbs stuffer
food saver vac sealer


If the door is just ripped off and the smoker box is not to damaged you might want to consider a fix like this.

Saber 4

And if it's damaged beyond repair doors and parts are available, if you have to get a new door you might consider using devo's hinge method to re-hang it.