types of beef best for jerky

Started by mainardgcrebs, September 02, 2016, 02:28:58 PM

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I made my first few batches of jerky using round steak i get at Cost Co. The first two tries cam out pretty good and i purely winged it ,using soy sauce worcestershire , bit of cayenne and water, slicing is where i get hurt , too thin , it turned into dust. so i need a simple recipe that's spicey, how thick to cut on my slicer and is round steak ok{very little fat}. I dont like venison. Temp setting and time.

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Peter Costello


I use London broil when I make jerk
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Eye of the round is a good cut for jerky.
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Ka Honu

A little late to the party here but eye of round is my go-to.


do you have access to a meat grinder? if you do, what i found works really well is to take any cut of meat (literally) and run it through a grinder. Add your favorite spices
then a serving spoonful onto a layer of seran (sp.?) wrap and place another layer on top.
roll it with a rolling pin so you have a tiny slab of meat

try it that way once with a small batch and see if you like it.. the rolling pin trick with ground meat allows you to dictate your consistency of the meat

Doctor Woody

Hands down, choice flank steak.  Too bad it's gotten so expensive these days.

Been using it for years.  Cut it with the grain, in 1/4" to 1/3" strips.  A while back, Alton Brown did one of his shows on finding the best cut for jerky and he concluded the same regarding this cut.

Take out of smoker when the meat still has some moisture in it.  It should be to the point where it still has a little give and not bone dry.