New digital smoker, should I keep or not?

Started by weazel, December 31, 2013, 08:27:05 AM

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Quote from: weazel on January 03, 2014, 03:32:03 PM
Quote from: JZ on January 03, 2014, 03:25:59 PM
I've got an older 4 rack OBS that I've modded; 1000W, PID, 8 racks, insulation blanket. I also have a newer 4 rack DBS with no mods other than an insulation blanket. I prefer the DBS because I think it has better factory insulation and I like the temp controls better than the stock OBS. The only reason I use the OBS for most of my smokes is because of the faster heat up times (extra element) and I make sausage, which is better done with tighter temp controls. If you were happy with the performance of the OBS and don't plan on making sausages I think you will be very happy with the DBS.

Both of my smokers have structural problems like cracked doors, supports, etc. and I don't think the new model has any improvements on these issues but if I'm wrong about that I'm sure someone will chime in.

My reasoning for going with the new original is that I think down the road I will buy a PID anyway so I might as well take this back and buy the original for 200 bucks cheaper and use that to buy the PID.  It would make the controls on the digital useless, or am I wrong?

If I had to do it again that is what I would do. The advantages of the Digital are basically none if you have a PID. Although I sure would like the space of the 6 rack.


What Renoman said. I like the extra space of the six rack but that would be the only reason to go with the digital if you will adding a pid. I modded my six rack BDS with a 900 watt element controlled by a single rack Auber pid and I love it.

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Oops single PROBE pid, not rack.

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Good point about the 6 rack. I wish my second one had the extra height for doing sausages. I gave up trying to hang them in the 4 rack and now just lay them on the racks.


Thanks everyone for the replies.  Now its off to Cambodian Tire to take this one back and wait for them to get the original back in stock!