Runaway pucks

Started by Cheech, March 14, 2014, 02:28:40 PM

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Today I loaded the BDS like normal.  I advanced the pucks until one was on the burner and then the BDS advanced a few more times on it's own until I had three unused pucks dumped into the water pan.

I turned it off, blew out any dust that might have been in the advance tray, the restarted with new pucks.  I took the water pan out so if it did it again I wouldn't waste any pucks.  No problems.

So, I reload and restart.  I get good smoke and it seems to be well behaved.  I go to check on the smoker a while later and I have no smoke!  I look inside and i have one burned puck, and two unburned pucks in the water pan.

WTH?!?  Why is this thing pushing good pucks across the burner and straight into the water pan?  I'm beginning to have some serious trust issues with this machine.


I've never experienced this problem but others have.  Read the following FAQ and see if any of it helps.

Why are the bisquettes continuously feeding, and just being dumped into the water bowl?


Thanks...I'll check that out. 


#BradleyCustomerService. Give it a call. You don't spend $400 bucks on a mini smoker fridge for nothing.

I fortunately am in love with mine. No problems and I make all my smoker friends jealous.

Edit: I have a 4 rack digital and it is amazing.

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