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Started by fishhunter, March 19, 2014, 12:15:57 PM

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Well I'm NOT happy with my Bradley Smoker. I got this smoker for Christmas from the wife. I wanted to get away from my trusty old smoker that I made from pipe. I spent many hours baby sitting that smoker, BUT it has smoked a lot of meat.

The Bradley Smoker I have is the digital 4 rack. The wife also got the cold smoker kit and the all weather cover for it. I did as the instructions stated to season the box. The first time I used it to smoke meat the temp would not get close to the set temp.

After reading in this forum I learned that you can't expect it to get to the set temp if it's to windy or if the outside temp is below 50 degrees. The only choice I had was to put a brick in the box to help retain the heat that the box was set at. I've found that many users here have made the double heating element modification and I can understand why. I would do this, but mine is still under warranty so that's out of the question.

The cold smoker kit came with a plug that goes it the SG so you don't get the "E" code. This little plug was crushed at the factory and sent to me. Once again I go to this forum and have to look up the fix. The fix was easy and cheap, but the call I made to Bradley was not ever returned. I didn't really like that, but oh well I was able to fix it without their help.

The smoker, when working would creat smoke, but the meat that I've smoked in this just didn't ever have a smoke taste or even a smoke ring around it.

Today I put some meat in to try and smoke it and the burner for the little wood pucks does not heat up. Once again I have to go to this forum to try and fix it. I did as I read and took the SG apart and took every connection apart and put them back on at least 6 times. The burner did not ever heat up.

I called Bradley and yes they are sending me a new burner, NUT the point is that I've had this piece of junk for ALMOST 3 months now and have used it to smoke meat at least 5 or 6 times and I'm NOT happy with this smoker.

Yes Bradley is sending me the parts to fix it, but why should it need to be fixed. This smoker is not cheap to buy, but it's junk. I should have told the wife to get me a propane smoker or I should have just stuck with my old trusty smoker that I built and know it'll work if it's 20 degrees or 100 degrees outside.

NOT a happy Bradley Smoker owner !!!!!!!


Sorry to hear about your dis pleasure of your smoker.

To keep this post from getting all sorts of negativity towards you i am locking the thread.

Hope it all works out for you.