Started by pedally, July 09, 2004, 01:35:29 AM

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Woo-Hoo!!  I came home from work and sitting on my doorstep was my Bradley!  I rushed it to the deck and unwrapped it like a little boy on Christmas Day!  I put it together and seasoned it with about 2 and a half hours of mesquite.

My daughters boyfriend is here... "Do you like Baratwurst?  You do?  Well sit down, son, and in a couple hours we'll have some apple smoked bratwurst to feast on!"


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Im jealous.....I have made my mind up after a TON of research that this is what I want but I need to wait 2 more weeks for my bonus check and am buying from our guy here...Kirk...I found it cheaper but will sacrifice small dollars for possibly weeks of wait.....congrats...Im jealous!!


So Pedally, how was the Brats?

Eat This:  You won't be sorry man - (see post "Newbie")Kirk's biz does great things for us!

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Well... for some reason my Polder was registering about 60 degrees off so the brats weren't quite up to speed  (oh, that pink in the middle is the smoke ring.)  This morning i put it in a glass of ice water and it registered 21 degrees.  I had another digital laying around and a thermometer that normally goes in the door and put them through the vent.  the dial thermometer read 210, the digital read 197 and the polder read 268 degrees.  The door thermometer on the Bradley was registering 150 degrees when I took it out of the box.

I just sent away for a maverick and the polder is going off the side of deck.  Anyway, I have another batch of bratwurst in the bradley along with some hot dogs I'll be trying in about 40 minutes.  

Question:  How do you keep your probe inside the smoker without touching the sides or the grates and how do you secure it?


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The door thermometer with my unit read the same thing right out of the box and it sure wasn't 150F in the box. Just call Bradley- they'll send you another free of charge. It might not be the most dependable but it might be a tool you can use to verify the Maverick is being honest.

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The Mavrick comes with a clip to mount it on a rack.

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smoked the dogs 1 1/2 hours because I opened the door.  EXCELLENT!  Same with the Brats.  Did them for 3 hours with great results.  Alot better than last nights.  I can't wait to get my maverick and set it up.  If I can find a drill bit big enough I may put my one thermometer in the door.
Just put the first coat of rub on a pair of 4# pork picnics.  I plan on doing them Sunday.  YUM!



About your thermometer, I have a polder also, accually two.  My first one did the EXACT thing yours did(about 4 months old).  My second one is the dual temp type, the one with two sensors on the probe, one for the smoker and the other for the meat.

Put your probe wire through the vent in the top, if the you can, snug the wrie underneith the vent, loosen the screw a little if you need to.  You will wan't to remove the the vent from time to time to clean it anyway.  

Hay all you Polder owners, has anyone tried to send your broken ones back?  I'm going to try, I don't have my reciept but I will show them the one from the last one I bought and try and tell them my sorry sob story about it.  At the worst, I may be out a little shipping.


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