Frustrated. Customer service could do better. Feeder motor shot.

Started by SconnieBoys, May 07, 2014, 09:31:42 AM

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OBS just arrived yesterday.  Auber PID waiting in the wing until I get my feet wet with the OBS.  Everything checked over, accounted for, and cleaned per directions.  While attempting to season my smoker, I noticed the advance button would not respond.  I called Bradley for help.  I had to run through the usual double checks making sure it was plugged in, etc.  Now it's time to take apart my generator to trouble shoot the motor?  No thanks.  If there is fuse or something simple, ok.  However, how much should I have to take apart on my 20hr old Bradley?
After <10 minutes, I get the next level of customer service who tells me they'll be sending me a new smoke generator.  It should arrive in 7 days.  I'm 2.5hrs away from the company in Illinois and I verified it was coming from there.  7 days is unacceptable.  Overnight is not necessary but any prudent company would have it packed up and shipped out by UPS the same day and it would arrive a couple days later at max.
Sorry for the venting but thanks for listening.


I completely understand your frustration. I would venture to guess that you will receive your replacement smoke generator much sooner than 7 days, my guess is that the customer service rep with whom you spoke is most comfortable giving a "worst case scenario" time frame when telling someone how long shipping will take. (I know the parts guys where I work use the "under promise and over deliver" method of giving shipping times). One question I have for you, are they asking you to return the original SG? If not I would definitely hang on to it, could come in handy for spare parts in years to come. It's a bummer to have to welcome you to the forums under these circumstances, but you have come to the right place and will find that people here will bend over backwards to try to help you with any problem or question you may have, you need only ask!
And believe me, you will love your Bradley once you start cooking with it.
Where there's smoke, there's HAPPINESS!!!


Thanks Tailfeathers.  I will be saving my smoke generator for parts.  Silver lining right?
I've got a loin thawing now so I've still got time to get it here for that considering the thaw, cure, rest time.  I have big plans for this smoker.
I've logged time in a BGE and a UDS but ultimately came around to the Bradley for all the reasons I've read here(and elsewhere). 
Looking forward to it.



Bradley underpromised and overdelivered.  The replacement smoke generator arrived late the following day.  Although I'm happy to say that I didn't say anything to the Bradley folks that I regret, I will be calling to thank them for their service.
Rocky start over and done with. Spicy loin in brine for a couple days and will be ready for the smoker on Wed evening.  Here we go...


Where there's smoke, there's HAPPINESS!!!

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