Everyone Likes Pictures?

Started by Awell76, May 21, 2014, 06:54:01 PM

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Out Of the Box

So what does this thing do?

Smoke meats you say.  When do we eat?

Hoping the claws shred pork and chicken well.


Looks good.  We have a Boxer, too.  I've been known to smoke some Pup-Peroni dog treats for him when I had some other things going in the smoker.

You certainly figured out the posting pics thing pretty fast.   :)

I have a set of those type claws for pulling pork.  They're good for a single butt but one time my wife wanted me to smoke a whole lot of them for a big party and she bought me a Roman Pork Puller.  That thing will shred a butt in about 30 seconds or less.


Might have to check that out.  She is a big fan of bully sticks which I am not so sure I want to dry or smoke in there.

Excellent step by step directions on the pics.

Ahh I see.  Add that to the wish list.  I was hoping I can use these for pulling chicken easier too.  I think they are supposed to shred well. 


Nice timing. Memorial Day cookout!!

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TIP.... don't smoke on the carpet in the house.


Ooooooh - shiney.  Well, you'll fix that in short order.


Sure glad my eye checkup and the dilation thing was yesterday or Id be blinded by the shininess.  A few smoldering pucks will cure that!  Can't wait to see pics of the finished products - I've got a new keyboard as of yesterday, and it has not been baptized with drool yet!
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Not sure reno.  I hate the carpet so anything I can do to expedite its removal does not seem that bad.

I am a fan of shiny objects but I am a fan of smoked meats more so I am going to season as soon as I can.  Hope to do that this weekend.  In laws are coming in the following week so I am sure I will be doing something for them.  Was thinking Boston butt for first go.  Seems to be one of the easier starts.  Not to mention pulled pork is just too damn good.