iGrill being sold in Canada???

Started by fishhaggis, May 16, 2014, 01:25:04 PM

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I tried to pre-order the iGrill 2 at the main web site and it defaulted to Fed-Ex deliver, two options, both around $70.00.  I expect them to try and hit me with duty charges as well.  I have been stung too many times by ridiculous delivery charges and border taxes that I try and buy everything in Canada if I can.  Any on-line store in Canada sell this product?


I have been trolling this forum a bit and have noticed folks talking about the ET-733.  I have an ET-73, but wow that updated version looks great.  I have always liked my old ET-73, used it for years and appreciated it on those all night smokes when I would roll over in bed and check the temps.  I am now wondering if I should just upgrade to the ET-733.  Youtube reviews of it look good.

ET-733 or the iGrill2?   :-\  I know I can buy an ET in Canada.....


I have no experience with the igrill, don't think I've seen one in Canada.  But I ordered the Maverick ET-733 from amazon.ca about a month ago and have been pleased.  It arrived in two days and seems to work well.


I would go with the Maverick, if you can get it locally, or can get it without paying big shipping and duty charges.

I have an Igrill unit, and it works fine.  The only issue I have with it is keeping it synced to either my phone, or our tablet computer.  It has very cool capabilities, but it's not easy to sync and keep it that way.  At least that has been my experience with it.  Other than that, it works great and I like it.

Thunder Fish

It looks like Lowe's Hardware sells them,give a call to one of the Edmonton branches or check on line