first time making bacon question

Started by waycoolcat, June 12, 2014, 08:49:03 AM

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I just picked up two 5 pound pork bellies. I'm going to make maple cured smoked bacon. My butcher already removed the skin.
If he hadn't removed the skin would I apply the cure to the skin too, or just the flesh? (for future reference)
I want to be a better carnivore!


I always rub down the skin with cure just to make sure it doesn't mold during the curing process.
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I want to be a better carnivore!


i picked up a couple of 9 lb belly's skin on today. 3.77 a lb  but the bacon drawer has been empty to long.  will remove the skin before i cure and i'am doing maple bacon also. good luck with your project.

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I generally will remove the skin prior to curing. Whether or not you are curing with the skin on you always want to apply the cure on all surfaces, even the edges. You want the cure to be working from all sides. Technically because of the skin and the more fat on the topside (skin side) most instructions direct you to apply more of the cure on that side, but I've always gotten good results from applying the cure evening, and overhauling daily.



. Left the skin on it was going to be a job removing it. But the cure is started.

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