Any of you folks make your own cheese?

Started by WoodlawnSmoker, April 12, 2014, 01:20:44 PM

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I've never thought about doing this before but it might be a neat hobby to try.  Just wondering if it's more hassle than fun or if it's worth pursuing.  Any success stories?


I tried the mozzarella kit and it failed pretty bad.  Still have the ball in the fridge just hate to toss it out.  I fully intend to try it again though.  I didn't get enough whey drained before I started heating and long story short it turned out like rubber.  I would be interested in hearing tips from some pros though and will keep an eye on this thread.  Homemade smoked cheese sounds like heaven to me....

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The wife and I looked into it and decided I had better stick to buying cheese and spend my time and money on smokers and such.


I've done some with mixed results, haven't done any in awhile though but I'd like to try a few again, there is some good info out there to get started, start here


Just ricotta....simple!  Beyond that just don't have time!  ;D