Got a box and took the Sous Vide plunge

Started by GusRobin, June 20, 2014, 05:19:54 PM

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A box came in the mail and in it was another box:

Opened it and found this:

So I dragged out the oven roaster.

Filled it with hot water, plugged it into the controller plug, plugged that into the wall, set the numbers on the controller and.....nothing. The roaster didn't light up. So I unplugged it from the controller and and plugged it into the wall -- the roaster lit up so it worked. Plugged it and the controller back together and nothing on the roaster. Then I noticed that the temp on the controller was rising. So I figured it didn't turn on the roaster because the temp was still rising as it was acclimating to the water temp. Sure enough in a little bit it turned on the roaster. When it got to temp I put in the short ribs.

Since I was in a hurry I decided not to pre-sear. I seasoned them with some salt, pepper, and Way out West. Vac sealed and into the pool.

Now I have to go make some sausage for Tommie's cook-out tomorrow.  I'll be back in two days with the results.
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You can sear the meat after it is finish. I always sear my sous vide after taking it out of the water bath. For beef, I sear it in a very hot cast iron pan that has butter and crushed garlic. It only takes seconds on each side, and the heat from the pan will only cook the meat from 1/16" 1/8" deep from the surface.