smoker enclosure heat question

Started by weazel, January 06, 2014, 07:49:37 PM

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That's correct, Darrin.  You should not leave your smoker outside, exposed to the rain and snow.  The electronics and electrical system of the smoker are not designed to be weather tight.  So, keeping the smoker covered between uses (Bradley sells covers for that purpose), in a shed, or stored in the house or garage would be appropriate.

Darrin Pape

Thank you for answering my question and will make sure that it never sees snow or rain.


I have left mine out, under a tent like canopy, with the Bradley cover and the smoker survived quite well.  All of my cookers get covered after use and proper cool down.  Looking at the Suncast 7 x 3 foot shed to keep everything in.  Outside in a BBQ Gazebo should be fine with the proper cover when not in use.

Habanero Smoker

When not in use I store mine on an open deck with just the cover. The cover provides very good protection. The only thing I do when I purchase a cover is to use a seam sealer to make the seams water tight.



Mines outside on the patio 24/7/365 with the Bradley cover on. The patio does have an awning over it though.
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