Pellet Smoke trays

Started by wipf9994, June 22, 2014, 09:55:37 AM

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Got 3 pellet smoke trays from a friend that makes them for Jack Link jerky. Gonna sell 2 of them if anybody's interested.

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If that friend of yours is a real good friend, you might want to tell him and his employer that the pellet tray they are building looks nearly identical to the "A-MAZE-N" pellet smoker.  Nearly identical enough that they may be infringing on Todd's patent of that item.


Only thing different I see is a size proportion difference
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Like Ky said. Todd has a patent on the AMZN Dust square smoker, exactly as you posted. Just saying cuz you done need a can of whoop ass opening up.


Quote from: NePaSmoKer on June 22, 2014, 05:04:38 PM
Like Ky said. Todd has a patent on the AMZN Dust square smoker, exactly as you posted. Just saying cuz you done need a can of whoop ass opening up.
REALLY?????A can of whoop ass? Wow! When I first joined this forum and started being a regular reader and contributor I never thought I would see the level of incivility (if thats even a word) that I have been seeing of late. And perhaps the most disappointing thing is that it appears that most of it is coming from the most senior members. I was considering coming to the MW smokeout, but I'm not sure I want to meet some of you! GROW UP!!!
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If you've ever had a product stolen and sent to china or a serious patent infringement you can understand why people could be getting upset and want to come to the aid a friend.  TF I think if you made the trip you'd find out that these are some really good people and that there are some behind the scenes reasons for some of what your seeing lately.


Don't get me wrong here, I'm not defending patent infringement at all, I have purchased a tube from A-Maze-n as well as a roll of their q-mats, and have recommended their products in many a post. I am only referring to the "attitude" around here lately and to say it disappoints me would be an understatement.
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Todd is aware of this thread and he said this item is "100% knock off" and he is looking into it.  Interesting that wipf9994 deleted his account today after Todd was made aware of this.

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I am going to lock this topic.  After wipf9994 deleted his account and his statement that "they are similar but not identical" I was going to delete it entirely but on further consideration Todd might need it for future reference.  Jack Link Jerky might have an interest in seeing it too.  These trays appear nowhere on their website.