Salvage 5lbs of beef jerky?

Started by Iburneverything, April 30, 2016, 03:09:18 PM

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Followed a recipe here that called for 10 oz of soy sauce ,4 oz of worchestershire sauce and 8 oz of brown sugar. I don't like the taste of worchestershire sauce and i was afraid 4 extra oz of soy sauce would make it too salty so i used 4 oz of water instead. I didnt think it would affect the flavor too much but i was wrong and the jerky is very bland. I hate to waste 5lbs of beef so i need to somehow add some more salt to it. Should i reconstitute it with salt water or soy sauce and re-dehydrate? Or would a dry salt rub work better? First time ive ran into a problem where a popular recipe was not salty

Help please!

Side note: I marinated the beef for over 24 hours. I mixed the bag manually like a tumbler would every 4-6 hours.  I dehydrated the beef for 6-8 hours using the bend test.