Smoke generator heats constantly and feeds bisquettes non-stop ??

Started by Homehandy, January 02, 2015, 09:59:27 AM

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I have a Bradly smoke generator and it worked fine for several hours.  Should it heat as soon as I plug it in?  or only after switching it on?  Mine starts heating the second that I plug it in.  Also, sometimes it feeds bisquettes non-stop, one right after another.  I think it may be defective.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Homehandy;

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If you do not have the Smoke Generator with the adapter, please let us know what model smoker you have, for us to better help.

The smoke generator must be turned on for the bisquette burner to work, that is to both heat up and feed the bisquettes. If the switch is in the Off position, the bisquette burner should not heat up. If it does you may have a defective switch, or it may have been wired wrong.

When bisquettes start feeding nonstop, that is generally a problem with the micro switch. Below is a link that may help.
Bisquettes Continuously Feeding

Other useful tips:
Bradley FAQ's



it  may be the  micro switch gone bad,,,or the   motor,, , call bradley