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Ground and formed bacon

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--- Quote from: Northern_Smoke on February 03, 2015, 04:38:59 pm ---I would think 80/20 would work out nicely I am sure my mix was much leaner than that using the elk and it turned out nice.

If anyone is interested in quantities they are as follows:
Salt 2.5%
Brown sugar 1%
Cure 0.25%
And here is where things get "iffy". I had my kids helping and they were dumping the ingredients in before I could get weights on a few of them so the maple syrup was 1/4 cup for the 4.5 pounds of meat and the NFDM was 1/2 cup. I will be making this again so I will get an accurate weight so I can keep with this style of measurement. It just makes it easy for the excel file to auto calculate based on the weight of the meat. Anyways, this produced a sweeter bacon than most store bought but we liked it. If I were to do it again and want saltier I don't think I would increase the salt but rather cut the maple syrup or brown sugar back. But any way you look at this. It is a keeper in our recipe book :)

--- End quote ---

Am I correct in assuming that NFDM is Non Fat Dry Milk powder ???

Thank you very much


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