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Started by Big D, February 21, 2015, 06:04:32 PM

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Big D

I purchased a used Bradley BTIS1 on Craigslist in hopes of saving a few dollars and that sure isn't happening. So far I've replaced the smoke generator and the main heating element. I've got power at the cord end where it plugs into the back of the smoker box but the power light on the front of the smoker doesn't light up. So the smoker box doesn't heat up. Is there a fuse or high temp trip button that I could replace or reset? I've now got enough in to this smoker, I just don't want it to win.


First, welcome aboard.

You say there is power going to the smoker box but the power light does not come on.  I'm assuming you're referring to the smoke generator and not the main cabinet.  If so, on the back of the smoke generator there is a 10A fuse.  Unscrew that and use a multimeter to see if the fuse is OK. 

Assuming that it is OK, the next thing would be to open the smoke generator and check for any loose connections.  Be sure that it is unplugged from the wall first.  It opens up like a clamshell by removing the 8 screws along the perimeter on the bottom of the SG.  Here's a link with pics that show how to open up the SG:  How do I clean my generator?

Now, if you were talking about the main tower not getting power there is another inline fuse inside it.  You have to remove the back of the cabinet to get to it.  Check it for continuity with your multimeter.  Here is what it looks like:

There is also a temperature sensor mounted to the back wall of the main tower.  Check for continuity through that.  They say you can sometimes bring those back to life by rubbing an ice cube across the surface. It looks like this:

While you have the back off check the connections at the inside of the plug for tightness.

Here are some additional troubleshooting tips if any of the above did not help:  Bradley Smoker FAQs

Post back and let us know what you found.


I think that model has a slide switch that could be faulty or just a loose connection