Smoking Home Made Cheddar

Started by Davemartin88, March 15, 2015, 04:35:16 PM

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Will be making some Farmhouse cheddar in the next couple of days and thinking about smoking some of it. Think the best time would be after it has dried 3-4 days and is ready to be waxed for aging, does that sound right? I have a cold smoker attachment and would apply smoke for about 2 hours, then after it rests, wax it to age for 2-3 months. Anyone else smoking home made cheese or other experience. Thanks.

cathouse willy

I would age it first and then apply smoke.I've only smoked commercial cheese that's already aged so it's just my opinion. Keep us posted on the cheese making it sounds interesting. There are some cheese makers on the forum


Thanks, found the same advice on another forum as well so going to age the cheese for 60 days first before trying to smoke it. Thanks again.