smoking cheese

Started by just a smokin, June 09, 2018, 11:19:11 AM

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just a smokin

                has anyone ever tried this... and if so ,how was it... then what did you use for a marinate ... i have tried this before , but am looking at some different suggestions thanks every


There's a whole forum section on smoking Vegetables, Cheese, Nuts.  Plenty of threads in there with some good ideas.  I know it has to be fairly cold or the cheese will melt during the process, so late spring is probably not the best time to try smoking cheese.

just a smokin

  sorry about that i was wanting to know about smoking cheese after using  a liquid marinade

Habanero Smoker

I don't think a marinade would penetrate very far, but you may have some flavor on the surface, but neither does the smoke penetrate very deep. That is why when I smoke cheese, I use cheese with the most surface space. I generally will use 1 1/2" bricks of cheese, or cut larger blocks into that size.


just a smokin

  ok thank you ... im gonna try this again .. i still do it a little different , but ill try and send some pics . thank you