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Smoked Almonds.

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I searched through and found as many smoked almond recipes I could find. Many of them had cayenne, chili and other spices but I just wanted smoked almonds as you buy them.

I have noticed that the commercial bought smoked almonds have very fine salt on them so I ground table salt in the mortar and pestle until I was happy with the texture. I had about 900 grams of almonds and I used one tablespoon of safflower oil and coated the almonds with that so the ground salt would stick to them. I smoked them for 2 hours with apple flavoured bisquettes, however, I was of the opinion that there was not enough smokiness so I did them again for another two hours using mesquite.

They are very good now, and, I'm rather happy with the flavour and appearance.

Divey, I'm salivating.  Those almonds look really good!

I was smoking canadian bacon this last weekend and had some space in the smoker, so I looked up smoked almond recipes.  I saw one that had me soak my almonds in water for 10 minutes, apply regular table salt and then 30 minutes of smoke.  I was using oak pellets.  Soaking the almonds helped the salt to stick and it ended up working pretty well.  I did think the smokiness was lacking a bit, so I'll increase the smoke time next time.  All in all, I liked it.  Only took me two days to finish the almonds, they were pretty addictive.

It is amazing that the almonds don't really like to take on the smoked flavour as you would expect. Considering that I gave them a total of 4 hours just does not sound right. However, that extra time with the oven set at 105°C  has made the almonds really nice and crunchy.

A couple of friends demolished a fair few last night with a few home made lagers.

I find they do take on considerable smoke flavor but it blooms as they rest a day or two

I've done them wet and dry. Most often I brine them in a mixture of bourbon, salt and a little brown sugar then smoke. I use perforated pans which helps the smoke get in and around the nuts


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