How to autotune an Auber PID

Started by GusRobin, June 14, 2015, 12:26:49 PM

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I got a PM from a member that needed help in doing the PID autotune. I sent him some simplified directions that he said helped him and he suggested that I post them. Here they are:

Set up your Bradley to do a cook. Set the time and temp you want on the PID. I would recommend that you cook something that takes a while so the PID has time to complete the autotune which could take a while.
Press the set key and hold it until "LCK" displays.
Now press the "+" key until it gets to the number "166" then press set.
The display should show a "P" for a second and then its value.(write this value down- anytime you change any of the settings you should record the old values in case you need to go back to them.)
Press set and it will show an "i"for a second and then its value.(write this value down)
Press set and it will show a "D"for a second and then its value.(write this value down)
Press set and it will show what is supposed to be an "AT" but really looks more like an "A" and an upside down hockey stick. It should show for a second and then show its current value which should be a zero. Hit the "+" button and it should now show a "1". Hit set and that should activate the autotune. Then keep hitting set until you are out of the programming display. You should now see the temp displayed, alternating with the letters"AT". This will keeping alternating throughout the cook until the autotune is completed. It may take a while so don't worry.
That's it.
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