Adding a Second element or 900 watts?

Started by ghosttown, July 07, 2015, 06:03:54 PM

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Good install, instead of using the temp sensor built in to Bradley, do you know what they use I rather buy a replacement and put that in and keep everything in place and run everything parallel.


you  can always purchase the over heat temp sensor from  bradley or yard and pool install it along  with the new heater while leaving the original in place, this way it is a  simple  install.

how ever i no longer  have the  original badley wiring  in  mine , It was removed when i  did the mod to the  900 watt element along  with the  blower hence i no longer need the  temp protection.  even  if the  pid  fails and the top vent is  open it  wont get  much  over 300 F.


stupid question but your saying if the pid fails and if you dont have the heat temp installed even with the vent open your saying with the 900 watts will not produce 300F?

Unless you mean it won't reach that high because of the blower you installed.


the element will produce over 300 f, though in my experience with my  pid  set at  350 for  6 hours the  smoking chamber hard a  hard time getting to the  low   300 f  maybe  325 and this was on a  75 f  day, and the  top  vent was  wide open so  excessive temp i dont think is an  issue, the  only  concern  would be a  fire,. if  proper installation  is done and no  grease gets on the  element you   should  be  fine.

if your  pid fails most likely it  would fail  to the off position, meaning that the  heater  would be  turned off when the  pid fails.


Would I be able to use the heat temp sensor that is already there? Planning to install a new inline fuse but use thr existing heat sensor. Do you know how high thr heat sensor is rated for

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i do not  know what it is rated at, give it a  try with the new  element and see hat happins, it is my  understanding that people  do run 1000 watts through the high temp sensor  with  no  problems,  So i  would say yes you  can  use it