Original BT1S1 ?

Started by P-nut, July 20, 2015, 09:40:51 AM

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This smoker had been left at the hunting camp for a few years in the storage shed and I inherited it. The smoke generator is working fine. However the heat indicator light want stay on and you have to work the control switch back and forth to get it to come on. If I replace the lower faceplate and control switch will this take care of the issue. It seems to be heating up a little but the light goes off.
I am new to the smoker and the website. Thanks for any help. God Bless.. ;)

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Hi P-nut

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If the faceplate is good, meaning no cracks above the temperature controller, you will only need to replace the circuit board. If the faceplate is cracked then I recommend replacing both. You can purchase replacement parts from Yard & Pool.

The indicator light is connected to the heat controller, and the lower you set the temperature the dimmer the light will glow, and in daylight it is difficult to see if it is working properly. The light will be the brightness when the temperature switch is all the way to the right. Some members say you shouldn't go all the way to the right, because there is a dead spot, so then back off a hair. So if your heating element is working properly, you may not need to replace the temperature controller.

The below link is a good source for trouble shooting and tips:
Bradley FAQ's