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Started by njneer630, July 07, 2015, 01:53:51 PM

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Took me a while to post this, but I have an issue.  I have the 4-rack Jim Beam smoker.  I took off work from the fire station the night before Father's Day.  Came home, prepped everything, and went to bed.  Got up early the next morning, loaded the hopper, and turned on the smoker.  Once everything was ready to go in, I noticed the oven temp was still in the 80's.  I opened the door and felt over the burner and, nothing. 
I'd purchased an extra element when I bought the smoker.  Since it never quits when you don't need it, I figured that was a good move.  So, I replaced the element.  Still nothing. All other electronics seem to be working.  I was able to turn on the smoke generator and oven timer as usual.  Everything seemed fine until I discovered that the oven wasn't heating up. 
I've had the smoker less than 2 years.  I've only used it 4-5 times.  (Don't judge me.  I'm a firefighter and an ER RN.  I work about 80 hours a week.)   :)     It's never been dropped.  I keep it inside in the winter.  It worked perfectly last year.
I could have kicked the thing off of the deck.  Screwed up my entire Father's Day.  We had a house full of people, and had to grill chicken instead of smoke chicken, ribs, and a butt.  And my dad died in January, so this was kind of going to be in memory of him.  He loved smoked meat.  But now I'm just whining....
Any help would be appreciated.  Already shopping for a more durable (more than 5 uses) replacement.  So any recommendations would also be appreciated.  Looking at Masterbuilt....can I say that here?


did you try unplugging the plugs and replugging them in? They sometimes seem plugged in but are fickle.
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As mentioned, the plug that connects the oven to the generator may not have been fully seated.

The below link has other troubleshooting ideas, and tips.
Bradley FAQ's

This must have been a very tiring day, but it seems to me you still would have made your father proud. You still got all the food cooked and served to your guests.

I have no other recommendations. The Bradley is the only electric smoker I've ever used.



I gave away my Masterbuilt and bought a Bradley.  I wanted the puck feeder, so I wasn't stuck tending a smoker all day (Or all night.  I now do overnight smokes with pork shoulder and other large cuts of meat.).  And I wanted the capacity of a six rack.  In with the deal, I also got the ability to easily do cold smoking.  (I did cold smoke with the Masterbuilt using Grill Kickers, but it was more fussing than the Bradley.)

Getting a Masterbuilt to generate smoke is also fussier than a Bradley.  The technique provided in the Masterbuilt owners manual doesn't work very well.  And, the heating element that cooks your food in the Masterbuilt is the same element that makes your wood chips smoke.  (For the benefit of other readers, Bradley has two heating elements that operate independently of each other, one for cooking and one for generating smoke.)  If your Mastbuilt is hot, the only heating element is off, and you're often not generating much for smoke because there isn't enough heat to keep the wood chips smouldering.


Remove the smoke generator from the tower, turn the generator upside down, remove the 8 screws from the perimeter, open your generator clam shell style and check each and every connection that is in there even if they appear to be connected..

Also unplug and firmly replug (at both ends) the short power jumper cable that goes from the generator to the tower.

I mean no disrespect, particularly with the jobs you are putting in, but you haven't used your Bradley long enough to learn the glitches. Let's try to get it working before you throw in the towel.  If the new element didn't work it tells me there is a power issue.  If you have a power cord such as an old computer power cord that will fit the back of the tower, try plugging the tower directly into a power outlet and see if the element heats up.


Thanks everyone. I did unplug and plug back in all of the cords. I do have an old computer cord, so I'll try that before taking it apart.