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Started by ghosttown, August 13, 2015, 06:08:22 PM

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Getting ready to install my dual pid that I purchased with the wall mount probe. Question had a quick look without opening the unit and was wondering how did people get the probe wire to the outside of the unit when mounting it inside the cabinet.

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you push the probe thru the hole you drill and use the plastic nut to secure it. I ended up just using the probe as a hanging probe.
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If you permanently mount the probe in one location you won't have the flexability to monitor the temperature wherever you have your food placed in the cabinet. Gus Robin's suggestion will give you more options and more accuracy.
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Try contacting Auber ins. and ask to exchange it against the free hang probe.


I did contact them and they are willing to change it for me, I would just need to pay shipping for both items to Canada

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