Will Bradley Digital Smoker Replacement Smoke Generator fit?

Started by Mike_, August 30, 2015, 09:02:03 AM

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if I may ask, what are you trying to accomplish? If your OBS generator is working, you will probably end up with the similar capabilities by using the money and buy an Auber PID or similar. You will end up able to time your cooks, maintain temps but also have the advantage of holding tighter temp ranges
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If you want to use this smoke generator with the tower you have, it will not work unless you buy a pid as GusRobin said OR changing the sensor in the back panel of the tower.  The digital smoke generator needs a digital sensor, digital plug and digital cable to work without a pid. Everything can be bought but would be easier buying a pid.


After second thought, if you own a BTIS1 (NOT the one with smoke design on the door) and your slider bar below the door is still good, you may be able to use a digital smoke generator with it as long as you buy this plug with it. http://www.yardandpool.com/bradley-cold-smoke-adapter-by-pass-plug

The reason is because the BTIS1 has a controller in the tower itself unlike the new original smoker (now called BS611). You just have to plug the tower into the wall and NOT into the digital smoke generator. You would control the heat with the slider bar and your smoke generator with the little plug that i gave the link. Just remember, ONLY the smoke side will work. Hope I'm clear enough  :D


TY! good to know it will fit. Just works a little different  :)