Author Topic: Discounts For Veterans/Active Duty Personnel  (Read 3013 times)

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Discounts For Veterans/Active Duty Personnel
« on: November 07, 2015, 01:02:59 pm »
It is that time of year again I generally post a link, or forward a list of restaurant and retailers that are honoring veterans and active duty personnel with discounts and freebies. Most of these discounts are being offered on November 11th only, though some offers may last a few days. There doesn’t seem to be as many participants as there were last year. This may be due to some vendors keeping a low key about this discount.

If you are a veteran or still active duty you can find many of these offers by googling "veterans day discounts for military". Just be careful which site you connect to. I was on a site called, and after clicking of a few of their links it attempted to freeze my computer until I called a certain number. Fortunately I was able to close my browser, and suffered no damage.

Here is a site to get you started, that I know is safe.
Veteran's Day Military Discounts

If an offer is listed, you should always call ahead to make sure, since not every franchises of a chain are honoring the military. The list is far from complete. If you do not see an offer by a retailer, restaurant, etc. it wouldn’t hurt to give them a call to see if they are giving any discounts.

Also almost all require some sort of proof that you are either a veteran or on active duty, you should call to confirm what type of ID is acceptable to that establishment. Most common ID accepted: which can include a VA Universal Access Card, Military I.D. card, DD-214 (Do not carry the original, use a copy and blackout your SS#), Veterans Service Organization Card (VSO's include groups like the VFW, DAV, AmVets, MOAA, FRA, and the American Legion), or in some cases businesses will accept a picture of the veteran in uniform. If the ID you have does not have a picture on it, photo ID may also be required.

I recently learned that many states now offer driver’s licenses, which indicate you are a veteran. Check with your DMV if your state offers that, and how to go about applying for such a license. Some states have restrictions on when you can update your license when it is not scheduled for renewal.

Lowes gives veterans and active duty personnel a 10% discount year round. For this discount they prefer some other type of ID other than the DD-214, but on Veteran’s Day they will accept the DD-214. Again, use a copy of that form and blackout your social security number.

Meineke Car Care Centers are providing a free basic oil change to veterans and active duty personnel. You should call to get clarification on what is included in a “basic” oil change. That may not include synthetic oil.

"Heroes Pay Zero For Vets Day"; Jiffy Lube/Hoffman Car Wash is giving free oil change (no restrictions), and car wash. Which is actually an oil change and two free car washes; a free car wash with the oil change you can use at a later date, plus the free car wash for Veteran’s Day. If it is just a Hoffman (Automatic) Car Wash, you get a free car wash, only. Free car wash does not apply to their coin operated car wash.

Bed, Bath & Beyond, 20% off you entire in store purchase during Nov. 7th - 11th.


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Re: Discounts For Veterans/Active Duty Personnel
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2015, 02:20:27 pm »
Thanks Habs. Although I already had this link, I am postive that other veterans and miliary personnel will appreciate the info.
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