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Started by werwin, August 12, 2015, 02:15:49 PM

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 Saw a post on this but was from 2 years ago and was suggested to start a new post.
So can anyone enlighten me on this would like to get one but a lot of money for a thermometer so would like anyone who has or had one to tell me what they think of it good bad or other


also can anyone that has one tell me if the probes from other thermometers work with this or not?


I wasn't very impressed with the igrill2.

Initally I had problems with the bluetooth connection timing out with ipad/iphone. Customer support identified it as a problem with apple software that was resolved after an apple update...ok, but none of my other bluetooth devices had issues.

I was most interested in the capability to graph temp vs. time for long smokes. I've done two 16 hour pork butt smokes overnight and it doesn't keep graphing unless you check out the app every couple hours I guess.

Anyhow without being able to graph for long periods without monitoring the app I don't find it to be any more useful than a regular digital thermometer for smoking.


I have an igrill 2 and its ok at best. I wish I would have got the maverick!


mavericks are a great unit, as i have 2,,, also have a 4 probe tappecue wifi thermometer that links through your wifi router and you can down load apps for your i pad or google device..with tappecue  you  can  select meat types, temps and read it just about any where,,, not just at home as long as you  have an Internet connection,,,, though it is  very pricey...