Deer jerky recipes

Started by rooster85, September 15, 2016, 05:56:17 AM

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What's everyone's go to jerky recipe? I figured with deer season just around the corner this would be kinda fun.
Smoker? Oven? Dehydrator? Let's hear em!
Lately I've been doing all my beef jerky in the dehydrator but I've got a few lbs of whitetail left from last year that I'm gonna be making in a day or two.

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I use Sure Shots Sid's Gunpowder and pink salt 
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I do a ton of jerky, snack sticks and summer sausage every year.  Fortunately i have friends that supply me with deer meat when i dont get one.  I also have a neighbor that is a farmer and i get a half of beef every year also.  I came across this seasoning while at a local meat processing plant with my beef.  It is made by a company called PSSeasonings.  It came in a package that looked like it was self packaged by the processing plant.  It was not.  Ironically, i had job (i am a locksmith in Wisconsin) at their plant.  They were building and moving to a larger facility.  What a smell when i went in there!  Sticks in the skin for 2 days.  Anyway.  The seasoning i use is the hickory flavored jerky mix.  I also use this for the snack sticks and add mustard seed and garlic.  The summer sausage (original flavor) is awesome also.  Again, i add garlic and mustard seed.  I used the dehydrater all the time for the jerky and all of my buddies asked how long i smoked it.  This is how good the hickory seasoning is that is part of the mix.  I am thinking that i might just switch to the original jerky mix because i now have a smoker and try that to see if it works well.  While doing work there i mentioned to the owner that i used their seasonings and he gave me a variety box of seasonings.  Man those are awesome and also realized after seeing some of the bulk bins that they manufacture and supply seasonings for alot of the butcher shops and meat processing plants in wisconsin (confidential of course) that i cannot mention.  The website is:


Thanks! I'll check em out.

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