Wood pucks not burning...completely

Started by banff_springs, March 26, 2017, 05:13:41 PM

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Has been some time since I last used my smoker.  Attempted to do a batch of beef jerky this weekend.  Smoker came up to temp fine, pucks seemed to advance okay until I checked at the end of the smoke and the pucks look like they were taken out of the package and then thrown in water.  Now, mind you, I didn't preheat my unit (haven't in the past) but, I see numerous people preheating smoke generator and heater prior to use.  Burner doesn't appear to be caked on with anything, doesn't seem to really get all that hot but, smoke generator is roughly 1 year old and bought directly from Bradley.

Thoughts?  Comments?

Habanero Smoker

Are you saying there was no charring at all? Are you sure each bisquette stayed on the burner for approximately 20 minutes? If not, it looks like the bisquettes just cycled one right after another. That would indicate your micro switch either got stuck or is bad.

If you have an infrared thermometer you can check to see if the burning is properly heating up. You should get a reading of around 550°F.



That is correct.  No char at all.   Upon restarting the smoker (as a functional check), the microswitch seems to be working fine (is new) however, puck burner is "toast".  Unit left on for 20min's and still cool to the touch.  Going to take SG apart today and check for loose wires, possible fuse lose/blown.  Unit worked last time I used it so, quite baffling.  My unit does not get heavily used so, have an expectation of it to work each and every time I use it (my bad I guess).  Also did some research on the Forum and did clean the burner as it did have caked on residue.  Now all shiny and clean.  Will report back once SG is is taken apart and inspected.

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I know when I purchased mine, the SG would not heat up. Turns out it was a loose connection at the SG, hopefully it's an easy fix for you.
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