Pucks stop advancing after a couple

Started by trozzi1957, April 08, 2017, 03:30:31 PM

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Have a Bradley Smoker BRST02 and the pucks stop advancing after 2 or 3. Then need to push the manual advance button. Can anyone tell me what might be the issue.



Hi Thomas,
I had the exact same issue a little over a week ago and turned out the bisquette stacker wasn't seated all tge ways down and they were getting hung up on it as they tried to advance.. it will burn 2 or 3 then stop. Worth a shot to check it out.


1st time user and my pucks would not advance automatically or even when I pressed the button.  I had to keep opening the door to place pucks inside.  Any suggestions or ideas.  Is it possible I have a faulty unit, or ...?

Habanero Smoker

Hi Zip;

Welcome to the forum.

Your unit could be faulty. It is hard for us to help you trouble shoot with the little information you provided.

1- Do you hear the motor running when you push the advance button?
2- If so do you hear a distinct click when the motor shuts off?
3- Is the power switch in the on position, and doe the switch light up?