Can you cold smoke with the new smart Bradley?

Started by DevinM, July 02, 2022, 08:38:14 AM

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I smoke cheese once in awhile, with my old Bradley setup, the new Bradley looks easier to deal with and less storage.


I almost exclusively cold smoke using a Bradley Original so when the new P10 came out I was particularly interested to see how suitable it was from a cold smoking point of view? Unfortunately I concluded it is unsuitable because the minimum temperature it can operate at is simply too warm for safe cold smoking... only my opinion of course!  ;)

Habanero Smoker

I have the P10, and I will have to say I have not been able to keep the cabinet within the cold smoke temperature range, which would be below 90°F. Ideally I like the keep the cabinet around 70°F.  I also find that without ice it is difficult to keep the smoker within hot smoking range, 100°F - 180°F.

I've tried cold smoking with ice, in the winter, during the cooler times of the day, making sure the sunlight doesn't hit the cabinet, but often within an hour the cabinet is above 90°F.

I do have the original Bradly also, and the Bradley cold smoking setup. The intake vent of the P10 is located at the bottom of the cabinet. I've been thinking about building a table with a large enough hole cut out to attach the pipe using magnets.

You could try using a smoking device such as the A-MAZE-N tube or tray, but I find that the smoke from pellets is not that flavorful for me. On the other hand, if you do like that type of smoke, there is a greater variety of flavors.