Can I hot smoke with the cold smoke attachment still in the mix?

Started by VTSmoker, April 30, 2017, 09:44:17 AM

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I have a 4 tray digital smoker.  I am interested in getting the cold smoke attachment, and also building a  cabinet for it where the configuration remains fixed with the cold smoker in use.  Would i still be able to hot smoke in this configuration?  What additional hardware would i need....i assume at least a longer cord?



Yes you could but you will need a longer cables to connect your tower to the generator unless you buy a pid.


Thanks...had to look up a PID.   Would that be more accurate than using a longer cord with the digital model?


awesome.  thanks.   I'll probably get the PID and bulid the enclosure with the config fairly fixed.  So I assume the cold smoker only attaches to the heat chamber via the two holes/hooks at the top?  Does it sit flush?  Is some type of adhesive needed, or is it not sitting flush not a concern?

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If you purchase the cold smoke adapter from Bradley it comes with a bypass plug, so you won't have to purchase or extend your cable.

Quote from: VTSmoker on April 30, 2017, 10:18:33 AM
....So I assume the cold smoker only attaches to the heat chamber via the two holes/hooks at the top?  Does it sit flush?  Is some type of adhesive needed, or is it not sitting flush not a concern?

I may be reading your description incorrectly. In case I'm not; you detach the generator from the cabinet, and the generator attaches to the cold smoke adapter. There is a flexible metal hose that extends from the cold smoke adapter to the cabinet. To the end of that hose, you attach an adapter plate. That plate fits where the generator goes onto the cabinet. The hose fitting to the cabinet is flush. Some smoke may escape around the edges, but that should be of no concern. For best results when you have the cold setup, it is best to ensure the cold smoker attachment and generator are lower than the cabinet.


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I have my bradley obs and cold smoke adapter in a cabinet and I leave it it the cold smoke mode permanently. My hot smokes have plenty of heat and with a pid controlling the temps it all works well.The cabinet helps keep the temp up in cold weather and keeps the bugs and critters away.With the cabinet and a heat blanket on the smoker there's no need to add a second heating element.


VT, to me there are two reasons one might invest in a PID. 

Improved temperature control.  A PID will reduce the temp swings of a Bradley from 20F +/- your temperature set point to a swing of 2F +/- the set point.  A level of control useful for smoking sausage, fish, and cheese.

To provide a temperature control system suitable for modified heating systems than draw more power than a stock Bradley.  Some examples would be the dual element modification or single element mods drawing 1,000 watts or more.  Several forum members with the Tim Taylor gene have made these types of smoker mods.


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I only use my cold smoker attachment for both hot and cold smoking.

For hot smoking I use my Aubers PID to control the heat and use a maze pellet smoke generator in the cold smoke box. I block the opening on the end where the Bradley smoke generator would attach.

I save the cost of purchasing Bradley pucks and just use pellets or sawdust in the maze.