Smoking Almonds - Cold smoke or hot smoke?

Started by AkBillyBow, June 07, 2017, 11:57:35 AM

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I want to smoke some almonds for the first time, and have been researching what others have posted on the forum.  I am trying to decide which is best:  hot smoke or cold smoke.  Seems like a split decision from what I have read.

I just learned last night that the "raw" almonds we all buy in the stores are no longer really raw, but are pasteurized (usually with steamed water) by law in California.  I wanted "real raw" almonds, for the health benefits.  I learned the only "real raw" almonds you can buy must be purchased directly from the farmers that grow them.  So I ordered 20# online last night, and am trying to get all schooled up on smoking them. or cold smoked?  I am leaning towards cold smoke, so they stay "raw" and full of nutrients.  But, I am a bit concerned also, as I do not want to make anyone sick.

So what are your or cold smoked?  Any real issue with cold smoking them and keeping them "raw"?

Thanks for your time!!


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If your almonds are clean and edible while raw, then cold smoking will be fine. I purchase raw almonds, and hot smoke them, because I want then roasted. I will often brine, hot smoke, the finish roasting in my kitchen oven. I believe the self life of raw almonds is less than if you roasted them.



I always by roosted Almonds 25lbs at a time and cold smoke them. Most of the time I use Hickory.
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Thanks for the replies!!  I had read posts from both of you about smoking nuts, and figured you both would answer.  I will do them first as cold smoked and keep them "raw".  I may tried them hot smoked, just to have a comparison.  I have also copied a couple of hot smoked recipes that I want to give a try.

Thanks for the help !!