4 rack digital smoker temperature

Started by norskmon, July 22, 2017, 02:37:53 PM

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the issue I am having with mine is when it warms up it comes to temperature with the smoke generator on but once the generator shuts off the temperature drops rapidly. I replaced the generator but that didn't help and that was advice from tech support. any ideas as I could sure use the help. Thanks


on mine I always leave the smoke gen. running. it adds 125 w of heat. that is an additional 25% over the heater.. any little bit helps.


I just turned the oven on and it heated to 217 degrees and then the temperature started to drop like a rock


Why does the puck burner have to shut off?
Thats helps with cabinet temp

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I don't have a digital, but I believe that they do have a high temperature sensor in the cabinet. Maybe that sensor has gone bad.



Are you using a PID?
Before I installed a PID I would get temp swings of 20 degrees or more for no apparent reason.
(digital 4 rack)
I don't leave my smoke generator on when not smoking, but have not needed it to keep the temps I have set.


What is a PID? Where do I get one? How do I install it?


Quote from: MissHalifax on July 28, 2017, 05:49:20 PM
What is a PID? Where do I get one? How do I install it?

1. Proportional–Integral–Derivative controller (PID controller).  It regulates the heat to within a few degrees in the cooking chamber.

2. The easier models (and more expensive) are plug 'n play.

3. Auber Instruments sells all kinds of them.  Here are links to the two plug 'n play versions.

Single Probe PID

Dual Probe PID