Is this an adequate temperature controller??

Started by FuBar, August 24, 2017, 10:39:07 PM

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Hi all, I came across this temperature controller while researching the heating element mod.

There are a couple reviewers that say this was used to great success with the Bradley smoker. There's a huge difference between the price of this ($33) and the single probe Auber PID ($143) and I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on it (besides it being from China)? Is this like a simple and poor-man's PID? Has anyone used a PID/temperature controller that's cheaper than the Auber with success? Thanks!

Habanero Smoker

It should be good for a single element Bradley, but the wattage may be too low for a modified two element or 900 watt element. It may not be a PID and/or control by using an algorithm, and my be a simple on/off device. I read a few review and most are please with the temperature range it maintains.



I use an Auber SYL-2352 in my Bradley OBS.  The current price is $46.50.  It works fine but it is not a plug-n-play.  You have to install it in either a project box or the SG box, like I did.  Plus, there's the cost of a K-type TC, , an SSR, a heatsink (or you can sometimes find one in some discarded electronic parts) and a few odds and ends.  The total cost for my setup was around $70-$80.


Thank you both for your information, much appreciated. I like the idea of putting one together in the SG but I have the DBS and I think it might be a little tight under the hood.  A little project box sounds good though and I'll look more into that. Cheers!