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Bradley Original not getting over 160 degrees

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--- Quote from: reeB42 on January 30, 2018, 01:43:03 pm ---"35-39 degrees out, so pretty cold out for smoking" - Its in its own little cabinet, out of the wind. Yes its cold but it should still heat up.

"not sure why you are using potatoe, can you just use the clip that comes with maverick and put that on the bradley rack.  Do you have the temp probe below, above, or on same rack of food?"  I simple like my potatoe method, it's a solid base to stick the probe holder in that I can easily move around, it also gets it a few inches up off the rack for what i think is a more accurate temp reading. The probe was on the 2nd rack from the top which also had two chickens on it, the probe was between them with a few inches on each side. All the racks had meat on them.

-Update - I spoke with Bradley today who very helpful and seemed like they want to help.  They suggested it may be a faulty temp sensor or power supply. They are sending my those parts which I will replace myself.  Hopefully that fixes it.

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Sounds good, let us know how it goes.  i know if you have the sensor too close to the food it can effect the temp by 10-20 degrees

Thank you for this post. I had exactly this issue and it was the plug in the back not pushed in all the way. I was looking for something much more complicated.

Boise Jim:
One thing that can be a problem is not having a heavy enough extension cord. Once I switched from a 16 gauge to a 12 gauge, all my heating issues went away.
Now, if I could get the damn thing to advance pucks...


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