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Bradley Original not getting over 160 degrees

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It will definitely get over 160 with standard 500 watt element.  I smoked 4 pork butts all the time in my BDS with the stock 500 watt element.  You need to just set the temp and not worry if the Bradley shows something different, will it take longer to cook yes, but will the meat still turn out amazing yes.  It would take me over 24 hours to smoke cook the pork butts, you just learn to plan around the slow cook. 

"It will definitely get over 160 with standard 500 watt element" ..... My unit wont,, maybe I have a faulty one. Mine will not get over 140ish with food in it. What throws me off is that with nothing in it , it will get up too 250, with it full it just doesn't seem to have the power to get back up there, it will definitely not get over 150. 

"You need to just set the temp and not worry if the Bradley shows something different" I was using an separate digital temp  probe not relying on the in-door temp probe. I'm good with the low and slow, its why I enjoy this style off bbq. Low is 200-250, not 150.

Thanks for the reply though, I was starting to think with all the people saying they have similar problems that is was a manufacture defect. I guess it's possible I have a faulty unit. I have emailed Bradley and we will see what they say.


You can help it with the heat recovery by placing a couple of heated bricks in the bottom.  Also, filling the water bowl with hot water helps a little.

Habanero Smoker:
Are you allowing the meat to sit at room temperature for an hour or so before placing it in the Bradley? If not this will help some with heat recovery.

What was your vent setting? With that size load, especially with chicken with skin, you should leave the vent at least half open, maybe more. Later in the cook you can probably close is some, as most of the moisture dissipates.

Also you should invest in a digital probe thermometer, is you haven't got one already. The temp gauge is not reliable when there is food in the cabinet.

I had not allowed the meat to sit out so I had expected the dip in temp, but after running for 6 hours it was still under 150. I use the maverick digital temp probe, which was actually pretty close to the temp gauge in the door.

The hot water trick I did, that I know from years of charcoal smoking. The brick thing I can try. Just a little frustrating that things like this have to be done to make it work like it should when I just bought it.   


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