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Started by Brew, November 13, 2017, 09:51:59 AM

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Recently moved into our new house.  Had my digital in storage for about 10 months.  Plugged it in and turned the unit on and it tripped the GFI circuit. Sounded like the puck "mover" has hanging up.  Tore the digital box apart and cleaned it out--puck "mover" is working fine.  Now the strange part---with the digital unit screwed together and turned on it will trip the GFI...with the digital unit not screwed back together and in 2 pieces but all the wiring hooked up the unit will work without tripping the GFI.  With my extremely limited electrical knowledge I thought that putting the digital unit together might have shorted a wire or messed up the ground but can't fined evidence of it...any help would be appreciated.  The GFI plug I'm using is good because my freezer is plugged into it and I am directly plugging by smoker into the outlet.


I could be wrong but I would not plug the smoker into the same circuit as the refer your over loading it. Just my thoughts.

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Check your wires to make sure there is no worn insulation that can come into contact with the body of the generator.

The following link may be of some use.

Chasing "Ghost Trips"in GFI's



I've worked with electricity for 50+ years and have no explanation but would ask if you attached and unattached the box several times to verify that was indeed the case.

Also, as stated above, these smokers draw about 6.5 amps so consider that when using your freezer plug.