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Bypass digital function to use with PID

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  I did some looking and did not find any threads talking about modifying a digital smoker to bypass the digital functions and simply have it be on/off like a original smoker operates.  I have a Auber PID and would like to control the smoke option through the PID.  Also my buttons are acting up and can no longer adjust the smoker time anymore.  I was thinking simply bypass the digital keypad to a switch and was curious if anyone has done this already and can save me some development time.


Quite honestly, since the controller is not functioning properly, I would buy a plain jane smoker unit like  this one and use the Auber with it.

Habanero Smoker:
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You can either build your own, or purchase one.

Cold Smoker Bypass Plug

By Pass Plug

Hi Haberno Smoker, I think what you provided is solution for cold smoking and bypassing so the primary heating element does not run.  Maybe I am not describing correctly but I want to put in a manual switch like the non digital smokers have and bypass all the digital controls.  Thus allowing me to plug the smoke generator power cord into the PID instead of independently into its own AC power source.  Therefore allowing the PID to control the smoke generator running or not running.   Maybe I just do not understand what the solutions you already provided will do fo me?  So basically the digital controls on my unit are not working correctly for me right now on smoke side and I do not use the digital control for the heating elements since I am running a Auber PID.  So like I said if I could just wire completely around the whole digital control panel and have a switch to just turn on the biscuit feeder and biscuit heater then I could have the PID control both the biscuit system and heating system.  Trying to replicate how a PID works on non digital units.  Sorry for the long winded explanation but I would be suprised if I am the first person to want to do this. 

Habanero Smoker:
I was rushing when I replied. After rereading your first post it is clear in what you plan to do.


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