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4 rack digital ???

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just a smokin:
   hey there guys i was wondering what peoples thoughts are ... I already have 3 Bradleys  (the older extinct manual ones with  the slide bar on bottom)anyways time has gone by and am wondering about doing a upgrade to ,maybe some digital 4 racks. i used to have a digital 6 rack just after they came out ... i gave it away , did not like that thing at all . but please i am interested to see what your thoughts are ... thanks in advance Dan

Go with OBS with auber PID

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I have the DBS and put a PID on it, wish I would of save some money and got OBS

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I agree with zueth. Temp control on the bds is not fine enough for sausage. If i could do it again, i would fo with the bradley original and a pid. I ended up putting a pid on my bds anyways. Would have saved some money.


just a smokin:

  OK i have another couple of questions for you guys.. what is OBS .. versus DBS... and finally PID(auber i take it is the brand name ) i usually do a lot of jerky ... and salmon .. and then some roasts . you see i also have a traeger too , but the Bradley does a better job with the jerky  and salmon i think.
 i thank you all in advance ,as i haven't done this upgrade just yet , but still gonna do it . thanks again for any information .


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