Bradley sensor fuse issue with Auber PID

Started by ghosttown, April 01, 2018, 06:31:11 AM

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I been using my 900w element with the Auber PID for 2 years with no issues. However so far twice the Bradley sensor at the back blew on me. It seems it does this after long cooks. For example yesterday I did a butt for over 15hrs with no issues however I removed the butt and added some wings. Shortly after notice the temperature was dropping and eventually the element wasn't hot anymore.

Why is the fuse blowing on me with temps set to 225 however I did go to 250 when I had the wings in there.

Has people been bypassing the fuse?

Looking in getting another Auber sensor that connects to the PID, but this time I want to mount it to the back wall near the Bradley fuse. Anybody know if they sell one that has a small probe.

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Is it blowing at 225 or when you set it to 250? Where are you placing your PID probe? You may be seeing hotter temps at the fuse sensor. Much over 250 I believe is the range of the fuse limits.

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Placing it under the bottom rack, I would say it blow at 250 but I thought the fuse goes up to 280.

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It could just be your sensor needs to be replaced. They are mechanical devices and are prone to failures; especially if it ever had been tripped before. Failure in this case would be the sensor tripping at a lower temperature than it has in the past.



K thanks, curious why would it trip at lower temperatures if I replaced the sensor with a new one?

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