Dual-Probe PID Controller for my Bradley Smokers

Started by just a smokin, April 10, 2018, 07:28:10 AM

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just a smokin

  HI  i have a question for everyo0ne here  ..maybe you can ansawer or not
i have or just bought 3
Dual-Probe PID Controller for my Bradley Smokers
and yea i have 3 bradley smokers also... but i am wondering what size of breaker do you think i need .. i mean i have been running it off of a 15 amp with no problems ... however i think i probably need something like say 40 plus amps. now my smokers are the 4 rack manual type with no extra heating elements at all ..

  i thank you for your replys


A 40am would be ok as long as your wiring can support the extra load.
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just a smokin


    ok thank you , however i just cant see this auber actually drawing that much power so it requires (12 amp)  service ... for just one unit .. besides the the other ones ...i mean does this really seem right ..???  ( i mean hey its just a little box , monitoring temp and talking to the smoker and making an adjustment as needed to the heater , its not like its driving an electric motor ..)

  the smoker draws a total of 5.2 amps per unit ..


The way I read your initial post it sounded like you were going to run all 3 of your Bradley smokers at the same time on the same circuit, which would require a 40A breaker (and wiring for it).  If you're just running one smoker at a time then a standard 15A or 20A circuit will be OK, as long as there's not some other heavy use appliance running at the same time on the same circuit.

just a smokin

  ol , hi there , hey thanks for the advice ... yea i have been running things this way for a couple of smokes now with my 15 amp breaker .. and i was kinda wondering and thinking i should probably do an upgrade on this breaker and maybe the wiring to. all i am is just a back yard smoker ,smoking my cheese and jerky with some ribs once in awhile.

  you see what i was using is
-old bradleys ,all manual , no upgrades , so 625 watts (all 3 of them)  1875 watts total

-then my aubers (all 3 of them ) saying they need 12 amps alone for one... however i am now told that is when they are  running at max load , where as they  should only be a few amps normally.

  lol, however this is still running the  breaker at max load

  it seems like in the past there seems to be no problem ( after i got all my aubers and hooked up properly)with the smokers cycling .( you know my older smoker does have its power light on bottom of cabinet sometimes flicker .. usually when it is getting close to temp set point)

  hey again  i thank you very much for your advice ...