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Smoked Almonds

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Hi All.
Just did some almonds. Below is my recipe. Would appreciate any and all feedback.
Also wondering if I should be keeping them in the fridge or if the cabinet is okay.
I'm giving them 1 week to bloom before I dig in.

1.13   Kg.   Kirkland Dry Roasted Almonds
3   T.   Sea Salt
2   T.   Brown Sugar, Packed
1   T.   Chipotle Powder
ΒΌ   C.   Jack Daniels

Grind salt in a spice grinder till fine.
Add remaining dry ingredients and grind till well mixed.
In a large bowl toss nuts with the J.D. till well moistened.
Then toss with the spice mix.
I placed them on 2 racks.
I used magic mats on my racks. Next time I will also cover the
sides with foil.
Gave them 2 hours @ 220 with apple pucks.
After they cooled I vacuum sealed them. Got 5 bags with about
2 cups in each.

Thanks in advance for any advice. Randy.

Habanero Smoker:
Being vacuumed sealed they should be shelf stable for a long time. Though I have had almonds that lasted about a year in an airtight container, and other times I have had almonds get rancid only after a few months, while in an airtight container. Store them out of direct light, in a cool area. Refrigeration, or freezing does extend the storage life.

Bookmarked this one thanks!

Flavour was a little salty and they were as hard as rocks but did they ever taste good.
Definately doing more.

Habanero Smoker:
The flavor profile does look good.

On occasion; I've also had them come out either hard or powder. If you can find them, raw or unroasted almonds produce a better end product.


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