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Hello People!

How do you hang your Jerkey? I have a Bradley original with the square checkered  grate. Do I use toothpicks for each square or a scewer over top?

Does anyone have hanging rods they use ?

I am looking to hang 10 pounds. Let me know.

I have heard of people using the toothpicks to poke one end of the meat and lay across one of the gabs.  You might also want to try getting a small wooden down and hand them over.  I do this when making snack sticks. I have also heard of people laying the flat on the racks.  if doing this you can get a second set of racks.  you can then flip one set over and line what was previously the bottom and double this up on each level with a normally orientated rack.  this essentially doubles the cooking area.

I will also add that 10lbs seems like a lot for one load.  When loading 10lbs of snack sticks the heating element had a very difficult time heating up enough.

Good luck


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